Jack Cunningham - Practice Based PHD

fig 1.1 – 1.2

1.1 Middle Palaeolithic Shell beads from Skhul. 22/02/07
1.2 Dong people of China. 15/08/06

fig 2.1 – 2.15

2.1 Meret Oppenheim Design for Ear Decoration 1942. Meret Oppenheim – From Breakfast in Fur and Back Again p84. Bielefeld: Kerber Verlag 2003.
2.2 Ramona Solberg Pendant with Earplug 1950. Pendant: silver, pre-Columbian clay earplug. Findings – The Jewelry of Ramona Solberg (Vicki Halper) p21. Seattle: University of Washington.
2.3 Ken Cory Squash Blossom Necklace 1974. Necklace: brass, leather, found objects. The Jewelry of Ken Cory (Ben Mitchell) p80. Seattle: University of Washington.
2.4 Otto Künzli Swiss Gold – The Deutschmark 1983. Brooch: paper, acrylic, steel. Chain: one mark pieces. Otto Künzli – the Third Eye p39. Amsterdam: Stedelijk Museum.
2.5 Ramon Puig Cuyas Walled Garden series 2004. Brooch: silver, plastic, coral, amethyst.
2.6 King Charles I Trembler Corsage circa 1640. Corsage: gold, enamel, mixed media. The Art of Jewellery in Scotland (Marshall, R & Dalgleish, G) p37. Edinburgh: HMSO.
2.7 Sacred Heart. Sacred Heart Church Georgetown, Ct. 06829 26/02/07
2.8 Konrad Mehus Sentimental Journey series1995. Brooch: silver.
2.9 AIDS ribbon designed by Frank Moore ll, 1991. 01/03/07
2.10 Earl Haig Poppy
2.11 Lance Armstrong LIVESTRONG wristband 2004. 06/12/05
2.12 Salvador Dali Ruby Lips 1949. Brooch: 18ct gold, ruby, pearl. Dali Jewels-Joyas. Figueres: Gala – Salvador Dali Foundation.
2.13 Manfred Bischoff Il Mio Casa 1986. Brooch: gold, silver, ivory, coral. Jewelry of our Time (Drutt, H & Dormer, P) p84. London: Thames & Hudson.
2.14 Jack Cunningham Memory Kit 2003. Brooch: silver, mixed media, readymade.
2.15 Jack Cunningham Fragments series 2006. Brooch: silver, nephrite, wood, green coral, cultured pearl, tiger’s eye.

fig 3.1 – 3.15

3.1 Sam Kramer Roc Pendant 1957. Pendant: silver, gold, ivory, horn, coral, taxidermy eye, tourmaline, garnet. Jewelry in Europe and America (Ralph Turner) p34. London: Thames and Hudson.
3.2 Joyce Scott The Sneak 1989. Neckpiece: beads, thread. Jewelry of our Time (Drutt, H & Dormer, P) p201. London: Thames & Hudson.
3.3 Thomas Mann DaDa Diva 1991. brooch: silver, brass, bronze, photograph, acrylic. Thomas Mann metal Artist (Codrescu, A & Herman, L) p42. Madison: Guild Publishing.
3.4 Bruce Metcalf Wood Pin series 1988. Brooch: silver, wood, gold leaf. American Dreams – American Extremes (Gert Staal) p60. Gent: Snoeck-Decaju & Zoom.
3.5 William Harper Saint Agatha 1982. Pendant: gold and silver cloisonné enamel on copper and fine silver, 14 and 24ct gold, silver, ivory, ebony, tourmaline, shell. William Harper Artist as Alchemist p71. Florida: Orlando Museum of Art.
3.6 Areta Wilkinson Not for Sale 1998. Objects: clay, brass. Pretty p24. Auckland: Workshop 6.
3.7 Hamish Campbell Hunting Fish (series) 1999. Necklace: bone, nylon. Contemporary jewellery in Australia and New Zealand (Patricia Anderson) p61. Sydney: G+B Arts International.
3.8 Warwick Freeman Large Star 1990. Brooch: pearl shell. Given – Jewellery by Warwick Freeman (Damian Skinner) p43. Auckland: Starform 2004.
3.9 Pierre Cavalan Emeritus Award Brooch 1992. brooch: mixed media. Contemporary jewellery in Australia and New Zealand (Patricia Anderson) p62. Sydney: G+B Arts International.
3.10 Sue Lorraine Coiled Heart & Uncoiled Heart 1994. Brooches: rusted steel. Contemporary jewellery in Australia and New Zealand (Patricia Anderson) p62. Sydney: G+B Arts International.
3.11 Catherine Truman Invisible Places to Be no.27. Gray Street Workshop – an Anthology p43. Sydney: Gray Street Workshop.
3.12 Sae Yoshizawa 2000. Bracelets: paper. Contemporary Japanese Jewellery (Simon Fraser) p121. London: Merrell.
3.13 Yukio Obi Kazatama Hokora (Shrine with Sprits of Air lll) 1994. Contemporary Jewellery – Exploration by Thirty Japanese Artists p109. Tokyo: The National Museum of Modern Art.
3.14 Kyoko Fukuchi Echo of Time Past 2000. Brooch: hemp paper. Contemporary Japanese Jewellery (Simon Fraser) p45. London: Merrell.
3.15 Eun-Mee Chung Sottae 97-5 1997. Eun-Mee Chung p23. Seoul: Galerie Bhak 1997.

fig 4.1 – 4.80

Glasgow: The Glasgow School of Art 2005 All photos listed below from the Maker-Wearer-Viewer publication, are the makers own, unless stated otherwise.

4.1 Documenting and cataloguing process 2003-05
4.2 Exhibition of Maker-Wearer-Viewer at the Glasgow School of Art, Mackintosh Gallery 2005
4.3-4.4 Views of Mah Rana’s installation Meanings & Attachments for MWV at the Glasgow School of Art 2005
4.5 Exhibition of Maker-Wearer-Viewer at Galerie Marzee, Nijmegen 2005
4.6 Narrative Map Number 1.
4.7 Narrative Map Number 2.
4.8 Andrea Maxa Halmschlager Landscape lll series 2001. Pendant: latex, Swarovski crystals.
4.9 Liliana Reyes Osma At the end of the Way 2004. Neckpiece: silver, gold.
4.10 Daniel von Weinberger Loufoque 2004. Necklace: found objects and readymades.
4.11 Gitte Björn Disquieting Pocket Charms’ 2004. Object: silver, mixed media.
4.12 Katrine Borup Memento Mori 2004. Rings: silver. Photographer, Ole Akhoj.
4.13 Carolina Vallejo Justice 2004. Balancing Bar: silver.
4.14 Piret Hirv Incognito ll 2001. Brooch: silver, plaster, wood, paint.
4.15 Kadri Mälk Unexpected Angel 2004. Brooch: cibatool, white gold, black raw diamond, aquamarine. Photographer, Tiit Rammul.
4.16 Ketli Tiitsar Antwerp 2001. Brooch; silver, druses, wood, gold, emeralds, photograph.
4.17 Kertu Tuberg Scream 2004. Brooch: copper, synthetic wax, paint. Photographer, Tiit Rammul.
4.18 Juhani Heikkilä Daddy is Stupid 2004. Brooch: silver.
4.19 Helena Markonsalo Hands 2001. Gloves: beads. Photographer, Joel Rosenberg.
4.20 Catherine Abrial Secret Dolls 2004. Objects: silver, cotton, metal, soap.
4.21 Frédéric Braham Senseless, Blind Man 1998. Brooch: silver, paint.
4.22 Christophe Burger Pendant X 2004. Pendant: silver, plastic.
4.23 Faust Cardinali Untitled (Ora Professional) 2002-3. Brooch: 18ct gold, silver, photograph, polyester, steel. Photographer, Anita Gregorie.
4.24 Sophie Hanagarth Under Index 2004. Ring: leather, gold plated brass.
4.25 Patricia Lemaire Babel lll 2004. Brooch: silver, bone, serpentine.
4.26 Monique Manoha Bones and Grass 2004. Pendant: silver, bone, grass.
4.27 David Bielander PearlSnail 2004. Brooch: gold, snail shell, freshwater pearls.
4.28a - 4.28b Helen Britton Two Brooch Structures 2003-04. Brooches: silver, plastic, paint.
4.29 Dieter Dill The Ship of Fools 2004. Pendant: silver, gold, diamonds.
4.30 Kathleen Fink Augen 2004. Brooch: silver, wood, enamel.
4.31 Karl Fritsch Rubyring no.418 2004. Ring: goldplated silver, rubies, epoxy.
4.32 Susan Pietzsch Paste di Mandoria 2004. Brooch: cast porcelain, acrylic.
4.33 Dorothea Prühl Moon 2003. Necklace: gold, titanium. Photographer, Nikolaus Brade.
4.34 Bettina Speckner Secret Stories 2004. Brooch: mixed media.
4.35 Andrea Wipperman Pigs in the Town 2004. Brooch: gold, gegossen, coral. Photographer, Helga Schulze-Brinkop.
4.36 Gyöngyvér Gaàl Grass Ring 2004. Ring: silver, coral, plastic, garnet.
4.37 Katalin Jermakov 2004. Rings: silver, acrylic, leaf.
4.38 Alan Ardiff Domestic Goddess 2004. Brooch: silver, 18-24ct gold.
4.39 Manfred Bischoff Bachelor 2004. Brooch; gold, coral.
4.40 Stefano Marchetti Tower of Babel 2004. Brooch: red and yellow gold.
4.41 Barbara Paganin 2004. Ring: gold, Venetian glass beads.
4.42 Solveiga & Alfredas Kriviciai Fuck Off 2004. Pendant: silver, amber.
4.43 Felieke van der Leest Hare O’Harix and his 6 Carrots 2004. Bracelet: 18ct gold, rubber, textile.
4.44 Ruudt Peters Pneuma 5 2004. Brooches: gold, resin. Photographer, Rob Verluys.
4.45 Truike Verdegaal OWATA 2000. Brooch: alpaca, gold leaf, beryl, opal, ebony, textile, filler, paint. Photographer, Eddo Hartmann.
4.46 Hilde Dramstad Community 2004. Necklace/Pins: silver, felt.
4.47 Konrad Mehus Restroom with King Haakon Vll 1998-2000. Brooches: mixed media.
4.48 Louise Nippierd Turn on – Turn off 2004. Rings, aluminium, readymades.
4.49 Slawomir Fijalkowski Euro-earrings 2004. Earrings: silver, printed plastic.
4.50 Sonia Szatkowska Message from the Road 2004. Pendant, silver, palm fibre, wood, paper, leather.
4.51 Cristina Filipe Jewellery Box 1991. Object: iron, steel, slate. Photographer, Francisco Aragäo.
4.52 Leonor Hipólito Objects for Dreams 2004. Ear Object: silver, rubber.
4.53 Marilia Maria Mira Europa 1996-98. Objects/Chain: silver, linen, photographic paper.
4.54 Hana Käsickova Animal Passion 2004. Brooch: metal, paint.
4.55 Alzbeta Majernîkovâ DF2 2004. Pins: acrylic, computer components, mixed media.
4.56 Karol Weisslechner 2004. Brooch: silver, gold, coral, pigment.
4.57 Carmen Amador 2004. Pendant: silver, mixed media.
4.58 Ramon Puig Cuyas Atlas 2003. Brooch: silver, glass, coral, shell, paper, wood.
4.59 Kepa Karmona Holidays in Bagdad 2004. Neckpiece: PVC, cardboard, readymades, silver, mixed media.
4.60 Judy McCaig On Distant Horizons 2004. Brooch: silver, nickel silver, 18ct gold, copper, gilding metal.
4.61 Itxaso Mezzacasa 2004. Photographic Image.
4.62 Xavier Ines Monclus Contemporary Jewellery 2004. Brooch: silver, gold, laminated paper.
4.63 Marc Monzo Copia 2003. Brooch: 18ct gold, permanent marker, enamel.
4.64 Milena Trujillo Golden Dreams 2004. Pendant: silver, crystals.
4.65 Silvia Walz Barbara 2004. Brooch: silver, epoxy, ruby, plastic, photograph.
4.66 Gunilla Grahn Work for Living or Living for Work 2001.Pin: 18ct gold, plastic, paint, photograph.
4.67 Christer Jonsson Car Design 1 2004. Brooch: silver, gold, titanium, mirror, precious stones. Photographer, Stefan Kallstigen.
4.68 Andi Gut Mimesen 2004. Pins: gold, steel, nylon, mixed media. Photographer, Reinhard Zimmerman.
4.69 Brigitte Moser Where Did the Locks Remain? 2004 Necklace: steel, mixed media. Photographer, Gerda Müller.
4.70 Verena Sieber-Fuchs 2004. Collar: metal foil, thread.
4.71 Roger Weber Turning Point: Looking at Myself 2004. Brooches: silver, gold, acrylic. Photographer, Liliane Géreaud.
4.72 Jivan Astfalck The Crossing 2004. Necklaces: paper, fine gold, wool, quartz, silver.
4.73 Jack Cunningham In the Garden 2003. Brooch: silver, wood, paint, coral, moonstone, pearl. Photographer, Graham Lees.
4.74 Eileen Gatt The Bear with the Golden Coat 2004. Brooch: silver, 18ct gold. Photographer, Ewen Weatherspoon.
4.75 Hannah Louise Lamb Bobby 2004. Brooch: silver, quartz, pearl.
4.76 Grainne Morton 2004. Brooch: silver, mixed media, readymades, found objects.
4.77 Paul Preston Photographing Crows with New Digital Camera 2004. Brooch: monel metal, silver, gold, rubies.
4.78 Mah Rana Meanings and Attachments 2003-05. Installation: photographs, text.
4.79 Geoff Roberts Chromatic Congress 2004. Reliquary Container: mild steel, surgical steel, foil, leather.
4.80 Hans Stofer Hand On My Heart 2004. Hand Held Brooch: plastic, wood.

fig 5.1 – 6.98

All works and images between 5.1 – 7.67 are the authors own unless stated otherwise. Average dimensions in centimetres: Width x Height x Depth.

5.1 Jack Cunningham Memory Kit 2003. Brooch: white metal, wood, glass, bone, moonstone, shell, coral, plastic readymade. 7Wx7Hx1.5D
5.2 - 5.17 Studio and work process.
5.18 - 5.23 Brooches 1985-86.White metal (oxidised and patinated), mixed media. 3.3Wx5.5Hx1D
5.24 - 5.26 Photo-montages 1986.
5.27 - 5.30 Brooches 1986. White metal, semi-precious stones, paint. 7Wx6Hx1D
5.31 - 5.35 Constructions 1986. Cast paper, wood, paint, acrylic.
5.36 - 5.47 Group titled Milagros (series) 1991-92. Brooches: white metal, gold plated, oxidised, semi-precious stones, mixed media. 6Wx6Hx1D
5.48 - 5.52 Group titled A Sense of Place (series) 1997. Brooches: white metal, semi-precious stones, mixed media. 7Wx13Hx1.8D
5.53 - 5.57 Source images supporting the series A Sense of Place.
5.58 - 5.66 Group titled House (series) 1997-2003. Brooches: white metal, mixed media, enamel, found objects, coral, cultured pearls. 5.5Wx6Hx1D
5.67 - 5.87 Source images supporting the series House.
5.88 - 5.97 Group titled Love Seeds (series) 1997-2000. Brooches: white metal, semi-precious stones, cultured pearl, enamel, mother of pearl, gold plating and gold leaf. 8Diax1D
5.98 - 6.6 Journey installation: The Lighthouse, Glasgow and Jam Factory, Adelaide 2000.
6.7 Source image supporting the Kit series
6.8 - 6.18 Group titled Kit (series) 2000-2003. Brooches: white metal, semi-precious stones, readymades. 6.5Wx6.5Hx1D
6.19 - 6.26 Group titled Family Tree and Crossing 2000, with supporting source. 5Wx10Hx0.75D
6.27 - 6.40 Source images supporting the group titled X Marks the Spot
6.41 - 6.43 Group titled X Marks the Spot 2000. Brooches: white metal, gold leaf, willow twig, cultured pearl. 5.5Wx5.5Hx0.8D
6.44 - 6.46 Group titled Mask 2000-2001. Brooches: white metal, moonstone, cameo, enamel, 18ct y gold, bone. 9Wx5Hx1D
6.47 - 6.51 Group titled Balance (series) 2000. Brooches: white metal, semi-precious stones, amber, bone. 8Wx2.5Hx0.75D
6.52 Jerwood Applied Arts Prize 2000. Crafts Council exhibition, London.
6.53 - 6.57 Brooching the Subject installation: The Travelling Gallery, Scotland 2003.
6.58 - 6.91 Source images from Japan.
6.92 - 6.99 Brooches from the Japan series 2003-2005. Materials: white metal, mixed media, semi-precious stones, readymades and found object. 9Wx4Hx1D. Images by Andy Stark: 6.92-6.95 Images by Graham Lees: 6.97-6.98

fig 7.0 – 7.67

7.0 - 7.5 Group titled Paris 2003-2004. Brooches: white metal, semi-precious stones, coral, found objects. 9Wx4Hx1D. Images by Andy Stark: 7.0, 7.1, 7.4 Images by Graham Lees: 7.2, 7.5
7.6 - 7.27 Source images supporting the group titled Paris.
7.28 Jack Cunningham Wild Garden 2003. Brooch: white metal, branch coral, cultured pearl. 8.5Wx5Hx1D. Image by Andy Stark.
7.29 - 7.30 Arts & Business Scottish Awards 2002. Trophy: glass, chrome plated brass, steel.
7.31 - 7.38 Group titled Relationships 1999-2003. Brooches: white metal, mixed media, cultured pearl, semi-precious stones, found objects. 9Wx4Hx1D. Image by Andy Stark: 7.31 Images by Graham Lees: 7.37-7.38
7.39 Glasgow Coat of Arms.
7.40 - 7.44 Group titled Dear Green Place (series) 2003-2005. Brooches: white metal, readymades, found objects, semi-precious stones, mixed media. 7.5Wx8.5Hx1.5D. Image by Graham Lees: 7.40 Image by Brian Fischbacher: 7.43
7.45 - 7.46 End of the Line installation. Roger Billcliffe Gallery, Glasgow 2004.
7.47 - 7.63 Group titled Pére Lachaise with source images. Brooches: white metal, wood, paint, rutilated quartz, 18ct y gold, cultured pearl. 10Wx8Hx2D
7.64 - 7.67 Group titled Fragments. Brooches; white metal, found object, readymades, semi-precious stones, coral. 8Wx4.5Hx1.5D. Images by Shannon Tofts: 7.64-7.66