'Fragments' Series : Images

The series has emerged from an earlier group of works which were designed as small single-image pins that were intended to be worn in groups, connected physically (on clothing) and cognitively, by the wearer's own narrative. Although these were favourably received by a gallery audience, they were not read in this way, the potential to wear more than one at a time was not recognised. For the series Fragments I changed my approach by bringing together these single images, by inviting the viewer/ wearer to make his or her decision as to their meaning and the connection each element on a brooch makes with the others. Despite these pieces having no particular storyline per se, it is still my ‘overt intention to communicate to an audience’; by passing ownership of the narrative to the wearer. The title is deliberately open to interpretation, ambiguous even, perhaps suggesting fragments of relationships, of society or snapshots of place. The design of these brooches has not evolved from the narrative, rather it is intended that the narrative will evolve through the wearer/viewer and their response to the composition. At the time of writing, these works have not been exposed to an audience, but it will be interesting to monitor their impact in the future, what narrative will emerge?