Jack Cunningham - Practice Based PHD
Contemporary European Narrative Jewellery


Firstly, this research would not have been possible without the support and encouragement of Jennifer Cunningham, who has tirelessly accommodated this PhD in our lives. I am entirely indebted to Professor Elizabeth Moignard for her kind words, expert guidance and academic rigour and to Dr Elizabeth Goring for her insightful and critical comment.

Family, friends and colleagues also spurred me on to completion, with support given in so many ways by: Linda Baker, George Cunningham, Amanda Game, Laura Gonzalez, Dr Nicky Bird, Dr Naren Barfield, Nigel Munro, Helen Marriott, Anna Gordon, Michael Pell, Dr Coilin O’Dubhghaill, Kerry Aylin & Joe James, Lyn McLaughlin, Keith Murphy, Dr Bill Gilham, Jane Allan, Vanessa Ward, Helen McGilp, Barbara & Keith Farley, academic and support staff at The Glasgow School of Art and all the participants of Maker-Wearer-Viewer.

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