Jack Cunningham 'Wild Garden' 2003. Brooch: white metal, branch coral, cultured pearl

Appendix v – ‘Wild Garden’ Responses

Brooching The Subject

Q2 Describe what you see.
1 ‘A nice bush thing and flowers.’
2 ‘Two bits of seaweed like stuff. Swirley bush
3 ‘A tree – a clover – fingers.
4 ‘Sea plants. Natural sea weed. Pearls. Its (It’s) really pretty’.
5 ‘Tree, squirls (squirrels)
6 ‘Coral, rock.’
7 ‘Looks like two trees with a bush in the middle.’
8 ‘A word.’
9 ‘A twisted word.’
10 ‘I see a (an) interesting spiral shape and funny looking seaweed.’
11 ‘A big circle scible (scribble) with seaweed on ither (either) side.’
12 ‘Red and silvery type objects.’
13 ‘I see a spiral and colourful cool wavy stuff that looks like a bit like leaves and catuses (cactuses).’
14 ‘An abstract garden.’
15 ‘A tree, a bush & a plant!’
16 ‘Red plants and silver spirals.’
17 ‘An abstract garden.’
18 ‘Hands and roses.’
19 ‘A red stone looks like seaweed, next to a wire curl then another seaweed type thing.’
20 ‘Alien hand.’
21 ‘A wild maze with weid (weird) but wonderful plants.’
22 ‘A red thing (interesting).’
23 ‘A shape which has the outline of a tree, the circular spirerly shap (spirally shape) makes me think of a confused or messed up time in life.’
24 ‘Cactus like shapes in red and silver, with metal coil.’
25 -
26 ‘A burnt out tree shape on the left.
A tumble weed in the middle.
A seaweed shape on the right.’
27 ‘Cactus like shapes with – and a ball or wire.’
28 ‘Cactus and a tree and ball of grass.’
29 ‘A ball of intertwined wire which I think reflects the wildness of the garden & a person who seems to be walking through the garden.’
30 ‘The coral and pearl have such an interesting and organic shape but instantly make me think of trees and undergrowth. The wire in the middle adds another dimension – some literal depth – draws you in.’
31 ‘Coral, oxidised coiled wire and fresh water pearl on a bar.’
32 ‘A spiral of silver metal and what looks like live silver and red plants or trees.’
33 ‘An abstract garden.’
34 ‘An abstract garden.’

Q3 What does the brooch make you think of?
‘A Garden’ (drawing of brooch)
‘Bottom of the sea’
‘Coral, perl (pearl) silver.’
‘It makes me think of the sea.’
‘Trees, Autumn, strip of metal.’
‘Under the sea.’
‘The jungle’
‘The word You.’
‘The word you.’
‘It makes me think of the sea.’
My very compacked (complicated ?) friend who is Jhan.’
‘Trees and bush.’
‘A wild garden next to the sea.’
‘A forest.’
‘A secluded garden no one has seen for years, overgrown and wild.’
‘Unusual plants
Exotic plants.’
‘A forest.’
‘A garden.’
‘Seaweed (in coral reefs).’
‘A fun place to be.’
‘It makes me think of the desert and places were (where) there isn’t much greenery.’
‘It makes me think of Mexico (my favourite country).’
‘Under the water.’
‘Half desert and half seaweed.’
‘Deserts with cactuses and bones of animals liying (lying) witch (which) is boiling hot.’
‘The desert and America.’
‘It makes me think of a hidden garden that only one person knows about & and that is in the place he/she likes to get away from day to day life.’
‘Being young running about in the woods around my house playing hide and seek, when everything seemed so giant and out of proportion. Makes me feel safe.’
‘The wire in this piece makes me think of a sculpture.’
‘Exotic plants.’
‘A big forest with lots and lots of trees.’
‘A forest.’