Brooching the Subject Exhibition

For the Travelling Gallery exhibition, Brooching the Subject, reflective practice was at the core of the installation. My exhibition was in part, a retrospective based on the presentation of my particular work process, showing sketchbooks, source imagery, an interactive CD Rom, in addition to contextualising new brooches based on Japan and Paris through related found objects. The exhibition of 20 brooches, mounted in a customised double decker bus, was to tour for four months to more remote parts of Scotland or to disadvantaged areas of our inner cities and was primarily aimed at a tertiary and secondary education audience. (figs 6.53 – 6.57)

The comprehensive tour began in East Lothian, travelled through Glasgow to the north of Scotland, on to Shetland, returning down the west coast to Ayrshire and Isle of Arran, the Borders and back to Edinburgh. The relaxed atmosphere of this unusual space allowed for a more intimate interaction with the objects. The title of the exhibition, Brooching the Subject was a simple play on words, the brooches broaching the subjects’ central to the exhibition.