'Kit' Series

The Kit series was based on the childhood activity of building plastic models by snapping off, and gluing together, the small parts secured on a moulded plastic frame. (fig 6.7) These Airfix kits were commonly associated with fabricating together warships, aircraft bombers, tanks and vehicles, and so on. I wanted my works to convey the possibility of constructing sentiments of love, relationships, emotions and feelings. Therefore the Love Kit series and Season Kits used imagery as metaphor to imply that we could snap these parts off and construct a bigger picture than the sum of the parts suggest. They imply active participation, of selecting, of wanting to make things work. (figs 6.8 – 6.18) As mentioned previously Memory Kit explored, through the trigger of the object as metaphor, memories and activities associated with childhood; the repetitive constructing of larger objects from small Lego pieces, the carved rabbit remembered as family pet, the shell as summer holidays, the ruler remembered as school and the passing of time.